Our clients tend to be brand and generic pharmaceutical companies as well as investors. Our typical projects fall into four categories:

Product based – These engagements focus on a brand product and the entry of its generic market. Using close to 20 years of data from the PIV Market, we gather statistical evidence to gauge and weight what scenarios may lay ahead for the brand’s end-of-life cycle/emergence-of-generic market. Clients typically use the analysis to inform strategic decisions.

Competitive and Company Analysis – The data gathered since 2000 often reveal strategies Brand and Generic pharmaceutical companies employ in the PIV Market. These projects focus on companies and gather data that support their observable behaviors and patterns.

Data Dives – Some subscribers of and like to take deep dives into the data to answer particular research questions. Non-subscribers need data on a one-off basis.

Workshops and Seminars – The PIV Market — when a generic ANDA filing and subsequent patent challenge threatens the brand product  — can be hard to navigate. These projects include presentations on current trends in the PIV Market or half and full day workshops and seminars to educate managers and investors. Clients often request workshops for their product teams to engage their strategic thinking using their product as the focus.

There are no “off-the-shelf” solutions that we provide. All engagements are bespoke, completely tailored to fit the client’s needs, current foundation of knowledge, time and budget. We do not offer or provide legal advice.